With a Stroke of my Pen

This month, I wrote a song about the crisis in Jena, Louisiana. The first verse sets up a critical moment: when the District Attorney came to the high school to speak to the students after three nooses were hung in the courtyard:

Down in Jena, Louisiana,
There’s a tree in the square
There’s a fire at the schoolhouse,
There’s a noose in the air.
Down in Jena, Louisiana,
In the land of the free,
There’s a man at the courthouse
And he’s talking to me:
“Sunday morning, I’m a church mouse,
But Monday morning at the courthouse,
With a stroke of my pen,
I’ll make your whole world end,
And all the king’s horses,
And all the king’s men,
Won’t put your world
Back together again.

Why would a district attorney conclude that a flash of school violence in which no one was seriously injured translates into fifty years in prison without parole? Wednesday’s recusal hearing at the LaSalle Parish Courthouse provided some answers.

Attorneys for two of the Jena defendants are contending that DA Reed Walters should recuse himself because he is personally invested in these cases. Exhibit 1 was the nasty statement Walters published in the Jena Times days after the Jena 6 were arrested. “I will not tolerate this type of behavior,” Walters wrote. “To those who act in this manner, I tell you that you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and with the harshest crimes that the facts justify. When you are convicted, I will seek the maximum penalty allowed by law. I will see to it that you never again menace the students at any school in this parish.”

These angry words take on a new significance when they are linked to comments Walters made at the Jena High School auditorium a few days after three nooses swung from a tree in the school courtyard. A black freshman, you will recall, had asked if black students could sit under an oak tree on the traditionally white side of the school courtyard. The remarkably light punishment was justified by the perception that the boys had committed an innocent prank free of racial overtones. The day after the punishment was announced, several black students “occupied” the space under the now infamous tree.

And who do you suppose took the lead in this spontaneous act of protest? You got it—the young black athletes now known as the Jena 6.

School authorities were terrified. Every police officer in LaSalle Parish was summoned to the school. Several dozen black students were standing under the tree surrounded by a ring of white students. A dozen police officers looked on helplessly until a school bell summoned the students to class.

To the white authority figures in Jena, Louisiana, the impromptu demonstration led by the Jena 6 had the feel of anarchy. The principal called the entire student body to the school auditorium for an unscheduled assembly. A sheriff’s deputy called Reed Walters and told him to get over to the High School immediately.

Reed Walters took the stand on two occasions during the June 13th recusal hearing. Asked to describe his emotional state the day of the school protest, Walters said he was frustrated and angry. “I had just been handed an aggravated rape case,” the DA explained; he was trying to decide whether to press for the death penalty. “I was really wrapped up in that,” he said.

In comparison to his important rape case, the disturbance at the high school was much ado about nothing. “I told the students I was tired of what was going on,” Walters testified. “I was tired of the problem they were having. I felt that this was something they needed to handle themselves.”

Here we reach the crux of the matter. If the student protest was a justifiable response to a bizarre and unjust disciplinary decision, Mr. Walters’ reaction is incomprehensible. But if the noose incident really was a childish prank, it follows logically that the Jena 6 and those who followed their lead were exploiting the situation as an excuse for making trouble. They weren’t really concerned about racism or equality, the argument goes—they were just a bunch of thugs who needed to be straightened out.

Everything Reed Walters said the day of the protest under the tree reflects precisely this attitude. “I would like to be your best friend,” he told the students; but I can be your worst enemy.”

Then, with a dramatic flourish, Walters brandished his pen like the sword of Damocles. “With a stroke of this pen,” he told the students, “I can take your life away!”

Everyone testifying at the June 13th hearing, Walters included, agreed that this statement was made—but who was the intended audience?

White students? Not at all—they were happy as clams with the situation and were in no mood to protest. Walters was talking to black students, in general—and to the Jena 6, in particular. He was telling them that if they continued to cause trouble, he would destroy them. His remarks in the Jena Times days after the Jena 6 were arrested in early December show that he was making good on a threat he had issued back in September.

Reed Walters suggested that the white and black students needed to work things out for themselves. They did. None of the tragic events that have placed Jena, Louisiana on the map would have taken place had Reed Walters kept his pen in his pocket and delivered a different speech. He could have called the nooses a hate crime. He could have denounced that crime and called for every authority figure in LaSalle Parish to follow his lead.

But, as a practical matter, Reed Walters had no choice but to wave his pen and issue threats. If the nooses constituted a hate crime he would have been forced to file charges against white students—a one-way ticket to political disaster. The white community had already decided to treat the noose incident as a harmless stunt and the DA had no choice but to follow their lead.

The assault at the school in December was a direct consequence of the DA’s bizarre speech in September. Reed Walters sowed the wind; Justin Barker and Robert Bailey reaped the whirlwind. Mr. Walters is prosecuting a crime produced and directed by Reed Walters.

Americans are tired of listening to the laments of poor people. There are no crimes of desperation, we say, just crimes of opportunity. America is a level playing field, so quit making excuses. And then we find three nooses dangling from an oak tree in Jena, Louisiana, or Camden Jew Jersey, or Tulia Texas . . . and we reach for our pens.

41 thoughts on “With a Stroke of my Pen

  1. This D.A. should lose his job! This is so ridculous. Those poor boys should not be in jail!!!!! What kind of world are we living in?? It truly scares me.

  2. It’s good to know that in this enlightened country of mine, racism isn’t a problem anymore. Surely parents in today’s America aren’t handing down racist beliefs to their children; where would the idea of a “whites only” shade tree come from? Surely not in the town of Jena.

    The state of race relations in the United States is something that we all need to take a hard look at; over the past ten years things have gotten worse, not better. Young people, the next generation, have learned racist ways from someone – you don’t pick that up on your own, it’s a learned behavior – and they’re more open about it, and angry when they can’t speak their racist views in school and other public venues. Where will we be in another ten years?

  3. First I want to beg you sorry for my poor English and the high of faults that I am going to make in the next sentences . I am French and I have just finished an article come from “Le Monde” which deals with this awfull story.
    Today with all the things that we know about racism and black persecutions, how such things can go on !!!!
    Where is the justice that America sends to the rest of the world during its movies ? In these ones, Goods win the trial and Stupidity falls down. Why is it not the same in this case ?
    Obviously these sad story have begun for a long time ago, and I am suprised that no VIPs, especially black sport Stars such Saints’ players or others pros, have not taken a stand for it.
    Maybe I am just a dreamer.
    But the first feeling that came into me after reading this article was Anger. And if I had had Mr. Justin Baker in front of me at the instant, I would fancy to beat him …
    Violence is not the answer but Injustice is not the way of Humanity anymore.
    So I hope that the 6 guys will get away with it and Southern America regains its lost dignity.
    Big regards come from a whitey brother 🙂

  4. I’ve been reading up about this case since I just heard it on NPR tonight. This is very depressing. Can you imagine what it is like to grow up black in a town ruled by the close-minded, sanctimonious, racist like J. Reed Walters? Every move you make is libel to get you thrown in jail while the white, “christian” townsfolk simply look the other way.

  5. I have gotten so fed up with the news that I hear that i barely listen to the news anymore. It is sickening to not think, but know that there is so much injustice in America. This all goes to my belief in the “silent” genicide that is taking place in this new century. I live in Philadelphia, which by all standards has come to be known as one of the worst places to live. There is daily blood shed and death and it’s sad that people don’t feel safe to speak up. You see, if you do, you too could lose your life to someone retaliating for the person you spoke against. Do you feel safe? No. If you attempt to tell the DA or the police that you feel threatened and you are not the right color, they just brush it off like it’s nothing. There is all this talk about a “don’t snitch” mentality. Well, I’m here to tell you from living in the middle of it and being closely associated in my community, that’s not it at all. You see, the people here are just tired. Instead of “Justice”, it’s more of a “Just Us” mentality. What I mean by that is that young black men are stopped on a regular basis and hassled for no reason other than there are 2 or 3 of them together at one time in one place. The police here are not known for their investigative skills. You see, it’s just a “job” to them and it beats welfare. Whenever something goes on, they take the attitude that “we’ll just pick up whatever “darkies” are around, throw them in the system and let the courts work it out. Unfortunately, most of them don’t have the means to defend themselves against whatever they are charged with, and believe you me, they believe in stacking the charges on them. I hope and pray that these young men don’t have to suffer the way I’ve seen so many here suffer at the hands of the people in charge of the “justice” system. I can only hope that they are cleared and go on to lead prosperous and healthy lives and not have to feel like they are part of the “Just Us” thinking that is befalling and lot of young blacks in America.

  6. Despite all the negative in the world and more specifically in this country it is good to see news outlets and forums such as this that allow good, rightoues individuals to express there concerns with all that is going wrong. I would like to think that if we speak out against these acts enough and on a large enough platform we may be able to change some minds. I don’t know what can physically be done to stop the evil racist thoughts that develop in the feable mind of the insecure hypocrites who disguise themselves as Corporate Elite, Politicians, American patriots, Law enforcement officials, Christians or any other title of power that they hide behind to allow there backward thoughts and actions to grow and develop uncontested. The Jena Six case is not the first and won’t be the last of the evil actions that have come to define life in America for many. All the movies and false reality shows in the world can not disguise the unbearable stench of truth that lay right under the surface of the Amerikan landscape. Its only a matter of time before this country and its proud inhabitants reap what they sow…

  7. Black peopler in America have always been uneasy and disatisfied with the veil of prosperity we have been ‘allowed’ by the predominate American powerbrokers. We are allowed to bask in the limited and highly publicized honors bestowed to us in the areas of sports and enteriainment, but once black people start getting too ‘uppidty’ and ‘disrespectful’ of the privelages that are given to us by White, Republican America, then we loose our ‘house nigga’ priverlages and are reduced to being public emenies again. I for one are thankful for the following by products of the civil rights movement, that I think we collectlively demonstrate in respect for and support of the Jena 6 on Sept. 20th:

    1) the right to obtain an equal education,
    2) the right to congregate as a group to fight oppression;
    3) the right to free speech;
    4) the right to overcome.

    The abuse of the legal system has led to this blatent disparity against the lower and middle classes in Amercia. While violence is no answer, neither is blatant disregard for racism and inequity. How can anyone hearing of this story not react.

  8. fool me once, shame on you fool me twice, shame on me this kind of racial injustice happened in the sixties and before, ” again” to that i say no more. are going backwards? where are the real black people? i know we still exist, those of us that will not tolerate such crap as this

  9. The DA was speaking to the entire student body, not just the black students as this site indicates. It is a sad thing the media and people who have set up this site do not tell the facts as the actually occurred.

  10. its pretty disturbing that people still hold such silly ass views… i’ve tried to give people a chance, but when it comes to plain and simple racism, i give them no chance… when will it be KNOWN THAT THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FREEDOM… i know people are gonna say, “Well obviously not!!!” its such a sad state of affairs that people in the world will try to say, “we are free… we are equal!” and then see the non-sense that takes place on a regular basis that contradicts that time and time again… will there ever be justice? not in america or canada, or the western hemisphere actually… the world WILL BE RESET and THEN justice will reign supreme… because the powers that be are going to pay, with their lives, and their souls for allowing this to happen constantly…

    to the jena 6, success young ones… you’ve been dealt such an unfortunate hand to play, but this time the house will fall in on itself…

  11. I like the song.. it needs to be played on every radio station everywhere especially JENA. It is sad that we have young women and men fighting a war in other countries and we have a war going on right here in the so call land of the free…..


  13. This is about The DA Reed Walters, selling racism. He felt he could continue to pass it on. Not put a stop to it, but pass it on. He should be removed from post.

  14. @ J.A. Allen – Get your facts straight. The D.A. was speaking before the entire body but the at the assembly the students segregated themselves into white and black sections and Walters was looking directly at the black students when he made the comment about taking their lives away with the stroke of his pen.
    Walters is a racist at worst and a spineless unprincipled coward who was and is afraid to do the right thing at best . Based on his conduct to date he is more likely the former than the latter. The federal government needs to step in because the municipal government has clearly demonstrated that it is hopelessly steeped with racial prejudice rendering it incapable of handling what is going on in Jena.

  15. Who cares who the DA addressed in the gymnasium that day, the writing is on the wall. America is still embracing Jim Crow standards and our society suffers as a whole. Yes racism is alive and well in 2007, but what about the humanity? This case is simply injustice to all people. Its a shame and embarassing to be an American when we are still living in such an unjust society

  16. I think that the town of jena is the most hateful town I have ever heard of. When is this going to end. I am a white female from tallahassee florida and I am outraged. where I am from we are all equal and thats is how it should be. This is the untied states of america, but concidering this situation it sure the hell dont feel like it. Reed walters, the school board, the white boys who have done the harrassing, and the parent of the white boys who taught there kids to be so damn hateful should be severly punished for what they have done and put the jena 6 through. These boys are young and inocent in my eyes they have only defended their selfs. what were they suppose to do just sit back till one of the white boys pulled the trigger I dont think so. How dare this reed walters threaten them!!! that man discusts me! I want to know how all the things with the attorney and the judge and the town and the boys isnt having any concequences. I think that it should be against the law to have an all white jury!!!! bottom line. this town of hateful people dont deserve to live in the untied state and I will pray everyday that justice will be served!!! FREE JENA 6 !!!!!!!! NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. This DA doesnt understand that GOD is in control.

    This is a gross miscarriage of justice. To be young/blk/poor and uneducated in this nation ..is a death sentence.

    Everyone please email the DA…with your comments on this issue :


    He should lose his job as a result of his incompetence. Threatening high schools students isnt his business..the administration should have chopped down that tree yrs ago….

  18. This DA doesnt understand that GOD is in control.

    This is a gross miscarriage of justice. To be young/blk/poor and uneducated in this nation ..is a death sentence.

    Everyone please email the DA…with your comments on this issue :


    He should lose his job as a result of his incompetence. Threatening high schools students isnt his business..the administration should have chopped down that tree yrs ago….

  19. This is America. Whether you choose to believe it or not. It has not even been any of the big time news networks. THEY DON’T CARE. Why should we care. The DA is a asshole. Just like the DAT in Texas for what he did to the border patrol agents.

  20. THANK YOU for writing this amazing article. My 10 year old (hispanic) son went through a similar situation in Doylestown, PA. We all need to speak up and stand up for what is right. CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE TREATED THIS WAY!!! The DA in our county (DA Diane Gibbons) was just like this DA Walters and Nifong.

    Let’s do something about this!!!!!!

    I commend everyone supporting this cause.

  21. Through the course of my 52 years, I’ve engaged no less than three black men in individual fistfights following verbal altercations not of my instigation. In two instances, my opponents brought along friends–apparently out of a sense of need for self-protection. The third gent took his beating like a man, and I actually admire him for it. My question is, why do blacks generally find strength only in numbers? What’s the source of your weakness, your uncertainty?

    Fact is, I think we already know why without asking.

  22. Justice, hmmm this is another example of racism that is blown out of proportion by one community, I dont care if you are White,Red, Blue, Black….but come on, all of this is over a TREE!!! come on, there are several things being thrown together, thing is, there is something that does not add up to this story, I can not put my finger on it yet, but correct me if im wrong, but what exactly happened at the gas station involving the guy with a gun? 2 scenerios run through my head, one the black guys were robbing the station and the guy with the gun came to the rescue, or the bit the story says….something just does not track….details seem to convenient to be racism of the 1960’s as it portrays.

  23. This is an injustice by the criminal justice system to let a racist D.A. threaten, then act on the threat he made to these students. I live not 40 miles away from this town and as an African American criminal justice graduate myself it leads me to believe i chose the wrong career field. If the system is this flawed to where this attorney can act as judge, jury, and executioner for these 6 men then racism is still truely prevalent in the south. Reed Walters should be disbarred for his actions. These events make me wonder if the world will ever truely change……….

  24. As a citizen of Jena, it was almost surreal to watch the events of the past year unfold on the CNN program, Judgment In Jena. I have some comments.

    It was an unbiased view … a bit narrow of a view, but still, it really showed the truth of our DA and our local justice system. I have no respect for Reed Walters … let that be known. Or JP Mauffrey. I can only hope that someone does an investigation into previous cases and comes across the case involving my wife, Nicole, who was married to Neal Ainsworth, son of Leavon and Shirley Ainsworth of Jena.

    Let me paint a small picture for you … my wife was told by her sons that they were molested by their grandmother, Shirley Ainsworth, who is a receptionist at the Jena branch of the CenturyTel phone company. A doctor determined that there had been damaged done to her oldest son and my wife attempted to resolve the issue without involving the police.

    That was until her husband at the time, Neal Ainsworth, turned on her and took his mother’s side of the story. Instead of defending his children and wife, he turned on her and let her innocent children be silenced instead of vindicated. Instead of criminal charges being placed for the sexual molestation of this child, divorce papers and restraining orders were filed- against a loving and caring mother. Then, the retaliation came in an attack on my wife’s religious beliefs and her own sanity in order to discredit her.

    Reed Walters, JP Mauffrey, and Jena Lawyer Lloyd Hennigan allowed this injustice and when the smoke cleared, a mother was robbed of her children and the only life she knew as a mother and wife in the town of Jena, when all she was doing was protecting her children from the assault of a twisted mind.

    Where was the justice in that? Is the Jena Six an isolated case of injustice? Not hardly. The news coverage of DA Walters portrays him appropriately- a man of few words who is able to twist and manipulate the law to serve him and those who support him, rather than the people it was designed to protect and serve. Instead, those individuals are left as victims of these small town politics and when the day ends, no one marches, no one calls for justice, no one does anything- except try to get by.

    That’s all my wife has done- but instead of allowing the false label of a mentally unstable religious fanatic to keep her bound, she has pursed a college degree where she maintains 4.0 grade point averages and raises our daughter alongside myself in a community that believes the hype of the Ainsworth family and the criminal justice system.

    No custody hearings were ever set or carried out- Neal Ainsworth, the legal parent of Justin and Ryan, barely allows Nicole, my wife, any time with her two sons. Instead, she has spontaneous moments of fleeting visits with her sons where they exhibit fear and recourse for even pursuing a natural relationship with their own mother. Where is Oprah for Nicole, Ryan, and Justin? Who will march for them?

    I can understand the black community pulling together behind Mychael Bell and the Jena Six … but out of everyone supporting, how many are mothers who love their children? How many of you can let this story fall on deaf ears? This is a precedent that will not be resolved at a racial level. It must be resolved for the sake of all mothers and all sons.

    Thank you and God Bless

    Patrick and Nicole Smith

  25. I think the DA should be fired and never allowed to practice law ever again. I really hope they look into all of this DA’s cases to see if any misconduct was done. I really don’t think Reed Walters should practice period. Not when you threaten children about taking their lives away. And by the way…he was only talking to the Black student for sure. No justice, No peace.

  26. Mr. Reed Walters if the nooses are viewed as hate crimes by some,the beating of one by six is a hate crime. Did anybody get HURT by the nooses ? Also don’t let them back you down !!!!!!!!

  27. Ronnie:

    You are the epidemy of why the United States of America is dead last in all educational area as compared to the rest of the industrialized world. Either you are a card carrying member of the KKK or a member of District Attorney Reed’s family. You know what, you are probably both.

  28. With an illegitimate birth rate hovering at or above 76 percent, and black mothers aborting their unborn children to the tune of 600,000 annually, I’d say that America’s black community has far greater concerns than maudlinly protesting a prank ‘lynching’ in a schoolyard in Louisiana. Naturally, the liberal media make something of nothing once more, simply for the sake of either inciting latent social hatreds or generating additional political rancor after having failed to stop the Iraq War on their own terms this week. Meanwhile, Jena’s black football players and white students should simply be allowed to fight each other until there’s a winner and the issue is resolved the old-fashioned way: Let the parents, the police, the administrators, outside protesters, and national media stay out of it.

  29. From the Wikipedia article about segregationist Speedy Long, the late district attorney in Jena, LA:

    La Salle Parish District Attorney Reed Walters described Long as “the epitome of a Southern gentleman. . . . What can you say about Speedy Long? He was a mentor. I could go to him for good, sound, solid advice.”

  30. The DA has totally misused and abused his power as an “upholder” of the law. CLEARLY anyone who has a heart can see that. I just pose one question, if a person of any color would have brought a swastika to a jewish school would that be considered a hate crime??? And what is the school’s policy for fighting, last time I checked it was out of school suspenion or expulsion…NOT LIFE IN JAIL!! He has let his emotions (which are RACIST) get involved and I think he needs to be removed or resign. But please believe JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL, and God is not pleased. and if need be we’ll be back in Jena again, with more people and more power.


  31. I think this is much more than a racial issue. This is an issue about equality of justice and I don’t care what color you are or what your economic status is. Everyone is at the mercy of the legal system and those that wield the long arm of the law. It’s acts such as this event in Jena that should remind all of us that equality, justice and freedom are fleeting if we can not count on the legal system to stand by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights we’ve lost a lot more than this DA has apparently even thought about. This DA along with the federal government, by the stroke of a pen, are telling everyone they have no rights under the veil of “protection.” That’s truly scary. Today it’s the Patriot Act and an over zealous DA tomorrow it could be that everyone is enslaved to an oppressive government and that should light a fire under everyone to speak-up for our rights and the rights of others while we still can.

    May the scales of justice still bear the blindfold of impartiality to you all, today and in the future.

  32. What about WHITE RIGHTS? I’m sick of these black savages preying on white people and then getting away with it. Anyone calling themself an “African American” needs to go home to Africa. I’ll be happy to pay their way. Yeah, I’m a racist. Deal with it! Whites are sick and tired of the ‘white guilt” being heaped upon our heads by people too stupid and lazy do do something about their lives. White America gave you every advantage even at the cost of losing some of our own rights and yet nearly every black community is nothing but a cesspool. That CANNOT be blamed on Whites.

    FRY THE JENA 6!! They are CRIMINALS. Not victims.

  33. “Opressive government,” “No justice–no peace,” “…the white man’s the devil,” bah humbug. Get a life, readers: Mychal Bell’s a bad boy with a criminal record who earned his way into jail. Perhaps he’s intent on following in the seedy footsteps of O.J. Simpson–who knows?

    At any rate, blaming someone else for their own problems is a tactic American blacks have perfected well in the past fifty years alone. It worked magnificently during Katrina, and it’s working now. The case has little to do with any given district attorney and absolutely nothing to do with the Patriot Act.

  34. Michael Cousins,

    You won’t see this blog saying the “white man’s the devil”–that’s nonsense. Friends of Justice is an interracial organization, and we always have been. Any readers who make nasty remarks about all white people have somehow not noticed that we have white leadership as well as black leadership in Friends of Justice. People are people. Sin is sin.

    But I don’t understand what O.J. Simpson has to do with ANYTHING. These young people have nothing to do with O.J. Simpson, much like I have nothing to do with Paris Hilton, even though we’re both white women. What is this obsession with O.J. Simpson, and why are you taking out your anger of the last fifty years on six teenagers who you’ve never met? You don’t want black adults throwing away your children’s lives just because they’re mad at some bad things that white people did, do you? C’mon, gird up your loins like a man, and let’s do the right thing for all of our young people.

    ~Lydia Bean (who is doomed to follow the wicked ways of Paris Hilton much like the six young men in Jena are doomed to follow the wicked ways of O.J. Simpson, even though we’ve never met and have nothing in common other than having the same skin tone. Except she goes to the tanning bed more often. And we’re from totally different backgrounds. And I don’t have ridiculous amounts of money. Good thing I’m white, so people don’t take every stupid thing every famous white woman does, and use it to say I’ll never amount to anything!)

  35. Doing the “right thing” for all of our young people, more precisely, would be to properly discipline and teach them in righteousness, not indulge and applaud their wicked ways, my friend. After sixty years of life, I’ve come to the realization that the various races will never live together in utopia: It didn’t work in the Soviet Union and it hasn’t worked in the U.S. You’re living a pipe dream should you errantly believe genuine racial harmony possible in this country. But thank you for believing in fairness and equity, just the same. It’s not a sin to hope for a better day, racially, even if one isn’t on the horizon. Mychal Bell chose violence over persuasion, and it’s likely he will one day die by violence, just as he now lives by it. Statistics are indeed telling, aren’t they? Paris Hilton is offensive, though not violent: O.J., alternately, has willingly enlisted violence by which to achieve an ill-begotten end. He’s now a broken man; thoroughly, utterly destroyed from within, much as is his racial community.

  36. Precisely what is an illegitimate birth rate? Never mind.

    B. F. Skinner must have had you in mind when he claimed that rats are smarter than humans. What does the birth rate have to do with this issue? Can you formulate a coherent thought without resorting to hatred?

    Both Ronnie and Michael suffer from an illness that is entirely uncurable: ignorance.

  37. Michael was your mother, daughter or sister a willing participant in an interracial relationship? Or are just supernaturally stupid? Which one?

    Your arguments are laced with ignorance and hatred; a three year old could do better.

    Do really believe your own BS?

  38. Wrong, my boy: You’re a three-year-old, and you’re doing no better than me.

    (Was my mother, daughter, or sister a willing participant in an interracial relationship, you ask? Does the question have relevance here, my unusually articulate primate?)

    Let’s now afford ourselves a return to reality:

    Mychal Bell is guilty of assault; of that he can’t escape. Not only that, he’s guilty of participating in an assault in which six boys attacked one. Not all that fair, if you ask me–but it seems to be the only way in which black thugs can win a battle without the federal government intervening on their behalf.

    Mychal’s now served a little time in jail. As of today, he’s free for a while–and that’s okay by me. Though given his remarkably glaring propensity for creating mischief–his record is already rather ugly, isn’t it, even without the infamous “noose” incident?–it’s likely he’ll ultimately find his way back to jail once he’s been turned down by a college football program or the NFL. Such behavior seems to be on the increase within the black community. Never a positive sign when you’ve got Al Sharpton in your corner, eh?

    If in fact you’re so unhappy living in this country, take heed Marcus Garvey’s sagely advice. Now there’s a black man worth listening to.

  39. By the way, EXCELLENT song. Do you have a tune to go with it? I’ll play it on my guitar and give credit where credit is due.

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